Michael McDermott

Michael has worked 20 years in the Investment Banking Industry. Over the course of his career in Investment Banking, Michael has held the positions of Chief Learning Officer for Merrill Lynch, Global Head of Learning and Professional Development for Goldman Sachs and Co-Head of Asia Learning and Organizational Development for JP Morgan. In these positions Michael built the functions or completely reorganized the functions,  integrating the programmatic work with coaching, talent review, performance management, organizational development and the firm’s culture. In 2005, he founded 2|M Consulting so he could specifically target the work and clients he felt best able to serve. Since then he has worked with many leaders at the Csuite and business head level. The challenges range from leading in times of significant economic change to effectively transitioning into new roles and responsibilities. Michael helps leaders establish their legacy both inside and outside the organization through their leadership, vision and integrity. His coaching philosophy is based on acute self awareness, acceptance, appreciation and values, for a leadership style that inspires, motivates and sets clear strategic goals. Michael has worked with leaders from UBS, S|A|C Capital Advisors, Generon International, Spring Lake Ranch, Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse, Cornell Medical Center, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, The Cancer Support Community Southern Connecticut, The Nalanda Institute, The Wildlife Fund, Topps, Sirius and BlackRock, as well as many individuals from other industries.

2|M Consulting is an international executive development and management consulting firm founded in 2005. We focus on the senior leaders of organizations and help them become more effective leaders through self-awareness, authenticity, accountability and values based leadership. We also help our clients become more fulfilled individuals who inspire others through their abilities and their example. This is accomplished through individual and team coaching, leadership development, culture work, team effectiveness and strategic direction engagements.

Michael is a certified ICF coach, a graduate of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program and certified in Meyers Briggs. He is a Reiki Master Teacher, meditation instructor, NLP Master Coach and martial artist. Michael has facilitated and designed corporate and transformational retreats. He is a cofounder of The Program in Sustainable Living for Leaders, an instructor with the Global Leaders Academy, trustee of the Edge of Emergence for Sustainable Leadership, and a director for the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science.