Program Descriptions

Our program has five core components, described here.  When CSC-SCT opens its facility, the offerings below are examples of what will be available.  For currently scheduled activities, please check our calendar, here.


  • Support Groups
    These groups, meeting weekly or bi-weekly, are facilitated by licensed professionals.  Groups are likely to include some specific cancers (like our currently running breast cancer support group) and more general groups for patients in active treatment; family and friends; post treatment transitions; living with loss, etc.
  • Children, Teens and Families
    A series of age appropriate workshops that provide structured group support for children and teens affected by cancer.  This includes children with cancer, and more commonly, children who have close relatives (often a parent) with cancer.
  • Networking Groups
    Meeting monthly or less frequently, these groups provide more topical support than our more regular support groups, allowing people with specific types of cancer to share their unique concerns and perspectives with each other.
  • Online support groups
    Designed for individuals who do not have access to a local group that meets their needs, these online resources are ideal for people who live too far from an open facility to take advantage of in-person groups.  Also in development are bi-lingual groups.


  • Lectures and workshops
    Mostly for large groups, these presentations bring experts to CSC-SCT to talk about cancer and its treatments.  This also includes the Frankly Speaking Series, which presents lectures to the general public in venues outside of our facility on specific cancers and other in depth topics.
  • Classes and limited series
    Designed to teach methods for coping, stress reduction and other life skills, these classes (regular and ongoing or a complete course over several weeks) vary according to our members’ interests and available local experts.

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Mind/body programs
    Critical for improving quality of life, these programs include meditation groups, mindfulness workshops, guided imagery and overlap with many of our exercise classes
  • Exercise classes
    Tai Chi, Yoga, Gentle Movement, Pilates, Alexander Technique workshops, and other group classes led by fitness experts who specialize in modification for different abilities
  • Cooking/Nutrition events
  • Artistic expression groups and classes
    Journaling/writing workshops, visual arts classes

Social Opportunities

  • Jokefest and other Humor presentations
    Drawing strongly on the legacy of Gilda’s Club (one of our predecessor organizations) and Gilda Radner, laughter is sometimes the best medicine.
  • Potlucks
    Organized or requested by members, sharing meals on occasion is a wonderful way to bring a community closer.
  • Just for Fun activities
    Knitting circles, book clubs, bridge, trivia nights, scrapbooking clubs – these events evolve with the preferences of the active community

Information and Referrals

  • Resource library
    A collection of materials that will enable members to research their disease, treatments and more.  A key component of each CSC facility, the library also features a computer and internet access for those who find it more convenient to conduct online investigations.
  • Referrals